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The Artios Cohort Experience – Dave Medders

The Biblical Higher Education segment is unique from other Christian institutions, such as campus ministries, faith based mission societies, Christian camping, and rescue missions. Advancement and leadership training has historically been geared to fit all of these ministries, instead of targeting each individual segment. Members of ABHE are unique, and have their own needs. TheyContinue Reading

Practical Effectiveness of Artios Institute Cohorts

In Biblical Higher Education, we are always seeking to expand our knowledge of the Word of God, Theology, and Principles of Ministry.  And every graduate must demonstrate they can actually perform in the ministry.  The challenge of the educational experience is to prepare ministers for Kingdom work. The Artios Institute prepares cohort members to actuallyContinue Reading

Among the best in North America…

Dave Medders, one of the luminaries involved with The Artios Institute talks about why Artios is the Best in North America for helping Christian leaders lead better. The Artios Institute learning experience sharpens competence and expands capacity of advancement efforts at institutions of Biblical Higher Education.  Artios partners are highly respected across the Christian Community.Continue Reading

Leading from the Sweet Spot

It is interesting to see how many practical skill sets talk about finding the sweet spot—the place where maximum results happen with the least amount of effort.  Sports are full of them. One of the first times I remember hearing an explanation of the concept was watching a tennis match. The commentator described how theContinue Reading

Finishing Well

Continue Reading