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Artios is here to help you become a stronger, more effective leader.  By engaging with Artios, you will sharpen your competency and expand your capacity.  You will have a renewed understanding of the theology of biblical stewardship, and through that renewed understanding, you will gain a deeper relationship with those who have it on their hearts to bless your ministry.  This deeper relationship with donors often results in a greater financial result for your organization.

Growing Capacity in Stewardship Leadership

The DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative is committed to giving its members what they need to become a better leader in the urban youth community

The Need – What DVULI has acknowledged for individual leaders is true for the ministries they lead.  In fact, many ministries are at risk for certain predictable failures. The same qualities and behaviors that contribute to the early success of many ministries, such as having a laser beam focus or overworking, can lead to their failure. (DVULI Handbook)  To complement the work of the DeVos Initiative, the Artios Cohort Resource Development Institute builds on the personal foundational work of the DVULI 15-month experience which equips leaders to enhance their personal and organizational leadership.  Artios provides an integrative approach to Stewardship Leadership.  Indeed, the CRDI Experience™ will help to improve the Steward Leader in the context of Fund Development, Team Development, Strategy, and the integration of the Person and the Profession.  While the approach is holistic, it does help to improve certain mechanics of a ministry that revolve around growing and stewarding donor revenue and relationships.

Christians who work within urban communities have a vision for holistic restoration where servant leaders are fully engaged in the process of that transformation.  Each year, alumni of the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative seek new approaches to training, support, and execution that equip their organizations to grow donor revenue more consistently while continuing to learn, lead, and deliver life-changing programs through relationship.  One key issue is a shortage of development professionals and the related funding and training of such personnel. In many cases, the executive director is also doing the work of a development director, and in other cases the responsibilities for resource development are split across the duties of another key staff member.  In a few cases, a full time development director is in place. What is true in every instance is the need to strengthen the skills, talents, and the network of those who are charged to cultivate donors and friends who partner in support of a given DVULI member ministry.  Most of them are lacking a focused peer group and training opportunity that is accessible and affordable. The DVULI/Artios Cohort Advancement Institute would provide the opportunity for DVULI alumni to participate as partners and peers in a group model that will equip them for even greater leadership and fund development success!