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Four Pillars of Focus

The Four Stewardship & Leadership Pillars of the Artios Institute…and why each is important:

Pillar #1 An Understanding of Biblical Stewardship, Fund Development & Advancement

For the Christian professional, how we think about our work and our ministry is critical and foundational to how we live it out.  Like many sectors, there are secular and sacred approaches which can produce results but may still fall short in honoring God and his Word.  At the core of raising funds, advancing your mission, or practicing stewardship is not simply an outcome of dollars,  deliverables, or duty but a transformation of the heart which leads to a practice and a lifestyle that bears fruit from which all are blessed.  How we minister is an outgrowth of our mindset and our methods.  Establishing this foundation is a necessary first.

Pillar #2 The Keys to Balanced Personal & Professional Growth of the Leader

For the Ministry Leader, the passion, the purpose, and the profession are well-integrated.  There is rarely a siloed separation between home life and work life, rather they intersect and overlap.  This is the desired reality because to live out one’s calling is to live out one’s life.  Never is it just “a job.”  Consequently, the high-performance professional carries high standards at home and at work and in life.  Few ministry professionals ever envision “retirement,” but rather a continuum from season to season to season.  This pillar addresses how one balances these very personal and passionate commitments to prevent burnout and ensure sustainability and longevity of relationships and service and life.

Pillar #3 The Core Components of Building Boards & Effective Teams

Our CEO, John Savage, believes strongly that the quality of your ministry can only grow to the quality of your board.  And because Boardsmanship is a “team sport,” it sets the standard for team effectiveness within the ministry as well.  So many times, we are wearing many, many hats in the leading and managing of our teams.  Consequently, our focus is on doing the work more than building the staff and volunteer teams that do the work.  The role of the Executive Director, President, or CEO is to build the teams that envision the future and execute the present.  For many, this is a radically new mindset from how they are presently living out their day-to-day leadership responsibilities.

Pillar #4 The Role of Strategy in Determining Vision & Direction

The Artios team frames “strategy” as knowing where you fit in the world and how you will uniquely contribute.  Most donors, staff, clients and even board members may well understand why you exist, but few can articulate where you are going, let alone how you plan to get there.  We differentiate visioning from planning because of the need to first “see the future” before constructing the best-preferred path to get there.  This pillar embraces and affirms the unique ministry God has shaped with you and for you, and helps you to understand your place within the body of Christ, within the world, and within your ministry marketplace.