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Module #1 Building and Leading the Advancement / Development Team

  • Peer Introductions & Course Overview
  • Peer Reflections on Leadership of Self & of Teams In this course participants will bring their own reflections on their career path and life path as it results to leading themselves as well as others. They will learn leadership principles applicable to the teams they lead. The instructor will bring the latest principles, research, and understanding to the relationship between leading self and leading others.
  • Personal & Professional Assessment – Results, Review, and Relevance.  In this course participants will receive feedback on their specific assessment tools as utilized and distributed in the prior session. The facilitators will help develoop the participants’ understanding about their personal giftedness and professional competency in the context of the fund development work.
  • Volunteer Teams and Group Events  In this course specific attention will be paid to the role of volunteers within all levels of the organization. The role of the volunteer, methods of recruitment and reward. Designing an organizational chart for paid and unpaid staff will be discussed.Participants will be required to inventory their own state of volunteerism within their organization and explain the degree to which volunteerism is valued or not.
  • Staff Assessment – The Team I need to follow me.  Based on learnings from the personal and professional assessment in Course No. 7, participants will learn to develop a framework for designing the best team to complement the leadership gifts of the individual overseeing development. A current assessment of what is in place will be conducted to compare against the ideal team as a component of the class project.
  • Executive / Board Assessment – The Team(s) I need in front of me.  In this course, building on the other team assessments, participants will understand the role of the CEO and board leadership that are leading indicators of where the fund development professional must be going and thinking in preparing to resource the mission in the years ahead.
  • Peer Assessment – The Team(s) I need beside me.  In this course, participants will gain understanding of the peer roles in operations and academics that serve alongside the Chief Advancement Officer. The health of the peer executive team is critical in support of the President/CEO and provides a model of servant leadership for the entire organization. Participants will be asked to gain feedback from their peers within the institution and to develop a framework for dialogue that assesses the current health and the desired future health of the executive team.
  • Closing Retreat & Plan Presentations – How you’ll build your Team(s).   In this closing component of the course, individual participants will present to their peers their specific plans for building the team that will carry out the objectives as defined in their Fund Development Strategic Plan.

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