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Module #2 Strategy and Planning in the Advancement / Development Program

  • The Role of Strategy & Planning in Fund Development / Overview of Course Project.  In this course participants will gain understanding of the role and relevance of strategy in organizational development planning and fundraising. Samples of strategic plans will be made available for review. The key components of an effective plan will be discussed. This course is the orientation to the Cohort Project, which is due at the concluding retreat in one year.
  • Market & Constituent Research In this course participants will receive an overview of the various tools and methodologies available to increase their understanding of the regional or demographic marketplace in which an institution is serving. Additionally, participants will explore donor intent and capacity based on historic giving activity. Participants will be equipped to select research tools that will compliment their marketing and donor development strategies down the road.
  • Case Studies in Strategy In this course participants will review a number of case studies brought by the facilitator to help understand the role of strategy in enhancement of an institution and the application of strategy to fund development planning.
  • Data Analysis – How to read & develop Donor & Financial Reports & Dashboards.  In this course participants will be exposed to the various ways of measuring results and will be equipped in basics of data analysis for donor cultivation and trends as well as financial statements and financial reports. Participants will be required to design a dashboard reflecting the most relevant metrics for their work in donor development.
  • Resource Allocation – Staff, Volunteers, Outsourcing, Tools, Technology, & Equipment.  This course grapples with a broad array of issues surrounding the acquisition and allocation of key resources that help to get the job done. In the context of the evolving class project and fund development strategic plan, understanding the respective role of key resources that help to fulfill the objectives is a critical skill to learn and practice.
  • Developing a Comprehensive Donor Revenue Portfolio Plan This course lays the foundation for the variety of revenue resources that can contribute to an institution’s revenue portfolio year in and year out. It creates a capstone on the fund development strategic plan course project and geared towards encouraging diversification of income sources for all institutions.
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, Timelines, and Assumptions In this course, participants will gain a broad understanding of the allocation of time and money with respect to developing revenue and expense forecasts for the future.
  • Closing Retreat & Plan Presentations – My Strategic Ministry Fund Development Plan.  In this closing course, participants will present to their peers an overview of their strategic ministry fund development plan for their specific institution. Students will receive feedback accordingly.

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