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Module #4 Personal and Professional Growth of the CEO / CAO / CDO

Module #4.  Cementing the calling and equipping, personally and professionally, to serve as a CEO or CAO including the donor relations and revenue components.

  • The Successful & Sustainable Development Professional.  In this course participants will be presented with a framework for determining success and sustainability that they can apply to their own personal life and career. It is here where the success of a relationally-driven program (as is the case with the donor development) is critically dependent upon the individual who provides leadership.The goal in this course is to provide a framework whereby a participant can create their own plan to ensure sustainability and success personally and professionally.
  • Foundations in Biblical Stewardship, Development, and Philanthropy – What do “we” believe?  In this course, participants will be exposed to the more common thinking in church and para-church ministries as well as the world at large about how we relate to money. This discussion will set the stage for the complimentary course where each of the participants will be given a framework for developing their own personal belief system as it relates to biblical stewardship.
  • Foundations in Biblical Stewardship, Development, and Philanthropy – What do “I” believe?  This course follows up on Course No. 6 that emphasizes the state of belief within North America today. The emphasis here is to provide a framework within which the participant will develop their own belief system as it relates to the donor’s relationship with money, the institution’s relationship with money, the role of God in our provision, and a general biblical stewardship world view.
  • Life Plan, Path, and Progress (To-Date)  In this course participants will be asked to chronicle their individual and professional dreams, desires, and goals against the reality that has emerged over their lifetime.Additionally, each will be asked to identify specific milestones and progress they feel have contributed to forming the person and professional they are today.  As with other courses, this seeks to be foundational for future work done in subsequent courses.
  • Life Plan, Path, and Progress – My Goals & Desires for the years God grants me.  In this course participants will develop a life plan for the future with an emphasis on designing a preferable path and reflecting on relevant progress today and yet pending. This course becomes foundational to the personal strategic plan that is a component of the course.
  • The Mentor/Protégé Relationship In this course participants will be encouraged to embrace the value of being a mentor and having a mentor at all stages of life. The benefits and dynamics of a mentor-protégé relationship will be explored with tools for designing and sustaining an effective relationship accordingly.
  • Family Dynamics and Career Demands.  In this course, participants explore the reality of their demanding positions within the institution and how to design a lifestyle that acknowledges those realities but reflects personal goals and plans (as indicated in Course #10 and #13) which reflect upon a life plan and path. Participants will develop a lifestyle preference plan which reflects how to meet their personal desires with their family while progressing on the career path they have chosen.
  • Life & Time Priorities – The Tools, Resources & Relationships that Leverage my Time & Talents.  This course is presented outside of the Fund Development Strategic Plan but closes out the session in equipping to help facilitate and support personal life and time priorities.
  • Closing Retreat & Plan Presentations – My Personal & Professional Growth Plan.  In this closing course segment, participants will build on their curriculum experience to present those personal and professional goals they have for growth and how they expect to achieve them.
  • Components of Personal/Professional & Family Life Integrated Plan  This course outside of the Fund Development Strategic Plan provides a framework for ongoing and sustainable integrated life planning.

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