COMING IN JANUARY 2018! A whole new look for The Savage Group!

Why Artios

Most leaders of Christian ministries have been called up and called out from a life of service.  They are well-schooled in the core competencies of their chosen profession and vocation, such as higher education, urban and rescue ministry, or providing resources for newly pregnant teens.  Where they have not been fully equipped is in the leading and funding of what may now be a rapidly growing ministry.  What to do?

Artios equips the person who is called to the position of Christian Leadership.  We serve people of faith who engage staff, volunteers, donors and board members in the context of a kingdom-building mission.  We strengthen your ability to help others steward what God has given them to bless the body and the world.  In the words of Partner & CEO John B. Savage, EMBA, “the Artios Experience is built on the premise that people follow who you are more than what you can do.”

ARTIOS was founded on the conviction that in the current day Christ is calling leaders to a new journey with Him.  It’s not an invitation to get “better” or more “relevant” or more able to embrace fresh “concepts.”  Rather it is the call for “such as time as this” to stand in the King’s presence in a radical way.  It’s a journey of surrender, re-dedication, relationship.

Through ARTIOS, leaders of Christian non-profit ministries gain a greater biblical understanding of what it means to be a leader, to acquire greater leadership skills, and gain a new perspective on the theology of biblical stewardship.  The organization you lead will benefit from your Artios Experience by achieving greater success and financial health.

Many leaders misunderstand the nature of Christian leadership.  As ARTIOS Partner Scott Rodin, PhD. reflected, “I have come to the conviction that true Christian leadership is an ongoing, disciplined practice of becoming a person of no reputation and, thus becoming more like Christ.”

A Call to Surrender

We are inviting you to consider a call to surrender anew to the Lord Jesus and seek to become of no reputation. Will you lay aside the trappings of power, relevance, honor, significance, and reward and step out anew and “follow” Him?

This call is the foundation of ARTIOS. It is part of what we mean by “fully committed.” It is the foundation of all that we consider to be godly stewardship, and the first step to a new dimension of leadership.

The fruit and integration of developing the person for the position allows your ministry to flourish as never before.  In the words of one recent graduate, a bible college president, “I now realize that God causes the growth and brings the increase.  My role is to help donors and others find out what God would have them do.  The greatest gift I can offer is the opportunity for someone to partner.”

What about you?