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About Artios

Through our partnerships with associations and networks of nonprofit organizations, Artios provides access to the highest caliber of coaches, experts, practitioners, and trainers for a fraction of the cost of private consultation.

Boards, CEO’s, Presidents, Executive Directors and advancement / development professionals seek new approaches to training, support, and execution that equips them and their organizations to grow revenue more consistently. One key issue is a shortage of advancement / development professionals and the related funding and training of such personnel.

In many cases, the CEO, President, or Executive Director is doing the work of an Advancement / Development Director as well, and in other cases the responsibilities for resource development are split across the duties of another key staff member. In other cases, a Chief Advancement / Development Officer is continuing to lead and manage a large staff, and would value the opportunity to learn amidst a group of peers with similar challenges.

What is true in every instance is the need to strengthen the skills, talents, and network of those who are charged to cultivate donors and friends whose generosity make it possible for them to accomplish their mission. Most all would benefit significantly from a focused peer group and development training opportunities. Yet few have this kind of support due either to lack of accessibility or affordability.

The Artios Institute™ is a group learning experience that equips for leadership and fund development success! Participants gather bi-monthly in key cities throughout North America to be encouraged and equipped to grow their revenue…within a budget they can afford.