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The Artios Cohort Experience – Dave Medders

The Biblical Higher Education segment is unique from other Christian institutions, such as campus ministries, faith based mission societies, Christian camping, and rescue missions. Advancement and leadership training has historically been geared to fit all of these ministries, instead of targeting each individual segment.

Members of ABHE are unique, and have their own needs. They all have annual funds, capital funds, unique alumni relationships, unique scholarships, and other distinguishing features that require a customized learning model. Artios has such as model which targets the Bible College movement.

Attending an Artios Institute cohort is highly impactful for the leader in an institution of Biblical Higher Education because the faculty that Artios assembles delivers relevant content for the cohort members. The Artios Partners and faculty are highly respected, and have a principled understanding of Biblical Stewardship.

They also understand the context of Biblical Higher Education, and their course content and cohort learning model fits well within that context. Members do not have to translate a generic program to their unique needs…Artios does that for them.

The Cohort experience gives them practical tools they can take back with them and put to use immediately. Bible College Annual Funds and Capital Campaigns often grow substantially due to these courses. The benefits far outweigh the cost of attendance.

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