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Leading from the Sweet Spot

It is interesting to see how many practical skill sets talk about finding the sweet spot—the place where maximum results happen with the least amount of effort.  Sports are full of them. One of the first times I remember hearing an explanation of the concept was watching a tennis match. The commentator described how the center of the tennis racket had a specific intersection of the strings where the player could direct the tennis ball with absolute precision, with the least amount of force.

Since then I have seen baseball drawings of a batter’s swing and the sweet spot on the bat that are used for training purposes.  The diagram looked like it belonged on a whiteboard in math class. The lines and numbers showed where the bat needed to contact the ball to fly the farthest, with the least amount of effort.

A similar principal applies to a golfer’s swing and the golf club.

The skill of knowing about and utilizing the sweet spot belongs to the athlete. The emphasis is focusing one’s effort to attain the best results with the least amount of resistance. As athletes apply this principle consistently, they achieve more and fatigue less.

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