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Practical Effectiveness of Artios Institute Cohorts

In Biblical Higher Education, we are always seeking to expand our knowledge of the Word of God, Theology, and Principles of Ministry.  And every graduate must demonstrate they can actually perform in the ministry.  The challenge of the educational experience is to prepare ministers for Kingdom work.

The Artios Institute prepares cohort members to actually do the work.  The Cohort learning experience is not all theory.  It strikes a balance between theory and practical effectiveness.   The Cohort model provides excellent  instruction in Biblical Principles, plus coaching in developing practical strategies for the annual fund.  Growth of most of the members annual funds have already more than exceeded their cost for the two year course.

The Artios Institute sharpens understanding of Biblical Stewardship for each of the leaders in the Cohort, and develops better thinking about strategy.  It also develops an expansion of capacity for execution of actionable plans.

At the beginning of each of the Cohort meetings, each member will review progress since the last meeting.  This check in process represents a real and transparent sharing that builds deep relationships, and represents education at its finest.  We are getting great results from a better and more clear understanding of the principles and strategic plans.

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